What Happened In Boston Today?

Following stories are from WBZ’s Noon, 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. newscast. I edited reporters’ packages and wrote headlines and captions for our video archive.

One main link, http://wbztv.com/video/?cid=9 will take you to the Video Archie page. From there, if you search these headlines, you’ll be able to watch the video and read a short description about it. You can also see what happened on each day since my first day of internship in and around Boston!

August 24, 2010: My last day at WBZ as a web intern… I am really going to miss this place!

  • Amorello Pleads Not Guilty In Drunk Driving Crash
  • Gardening With Gutner: Fresh, Locally Grown Veggies
  • Newton North High Student Dies In Car Crash
  • Worcester Woman Shot Dead In Her Car
  • Egg Recall May Help Smaller Local Suppliers
  • Study: Saving For College Harder Than Ever
  • Massachusetts To Receive Federal Education Grants

August 19, 2010: What a busy day! President Obama arrived for his family vacation; Police Dept. is getting ready for new students moving to Boston; A crazy vampire wanna-be gets arrested; someone or something has decapitated a swan…

  • Soldiers Return Home From Iraq
  • Increasing Number Of Robberies In Wilmington
  • Cut The Cost Of Wedding By Buying Pre-Owned
  • Millions Of Eggs Recalled
  • Wonderland Greyhound Park Closed
  • Obama Arrives On Martha’s Vineyard
  • American Troops Return Home From Iraq
  • Welcome Back, Mr. President

August 17, 2010: More pot found in Boston.. Remember that 1 ton of pot? Well, this time it’s part of a drug cartel.

  • Suspicious Fire At Taunton City Hall
  • Half Ton Of Marijuana Found In Abington
  • Gardening With Gutner: Birding In Your Own Garden
  • High School Football Player Paralyzed At Practice
  • Youngest In Grade Tend To Be Diagnosed With ADHD
  • Looking For Clues To 19th Century Irish Lifestyle
  • Questionable State Of Endicott Bridge In Boxford
  • Markoff Killed Himself With An Improved Scalpel
  • Stressed Out Trees Mean Earlier Change Of Colors

August 12, 2010: More importantly, Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Competing For Consumers On Tax Free Weekend
  • Milton House Destroyed By Fire
  • Man Accused Of Stabbing 18 People Captured
  • Bishop’s Age Requires His Resignation
  • Tips To Get What You Want At A Hotel
  • Brockton Residents Outraged Over High Water Bills

August 3, 2010: One of the largest shooting at a workplace happened today…

  • Several Killed In Beer Distribution Plant Shooting
  • Gardening With Gutner: Fighting Lawn Grubs
  • EEE Spraying to Begin Wednesday Night
  • Reports: Supplements Contain Dangerous Ingredients
  • Gloucester Mailman Accused Of Dealing Drugs
  • Homes To Be Sold To Applicants Chosen By Lottery
  • Static Kill To Stop The Oil Spill
  • Workers Fired Due To Casino Bill Failure
  • Solar Storm Show Coming To MA Sky

July 29, 2010: Trying to legalize casinos in MA… Looks like it’s working!

  • Casinos And Racinos Finally Coming To MA?
  • More Parking Options For Scooters In Back Bay
  • Web Extra: Do You Like Tom Brady’s New Style?
  • Building In Lynn On Fire, Under Investigation
  • Salvation Army Bringing Down Framingham Downtown?
  • Teacher Who Stabbed A Man Allowed Back In School
  • Human Food Toxic To Pets
  • Local Soldiers Head To Afghanistan

July 27, 2010: Apparently there is a competition to find out who the best lifeguards are in Boston.

  • Murderer Asks For Parole, Says He Changed
  • Gardening With Gutner: Pick Your Own Flowers
  • Bridal Show Scam Alleged Ring Leader Caught
  • Avoid Pregnancy With Adiana System
  • Reinstating Walking Police Beats In Attleboro
  • Who’s To Blame? Delayed Construction Projects
  • Wanted: Best Lifeguards In Town

July 22, 2010: A slow news day…

  • How A Jellyfish Could Sting 150 People
  • Safer Roads For Drivers and Troopers
  • Tomato Blight In CT May Be An Isolated Incident
  • Natural Delivery After C-Section Considered Safe
  • Colombian Drug Ring Busted
  • Victory For Lobstermen, Proposal For Ban Killed
  • Shoppers Not Happy With Rebate Cards
  • Norton Fire Station Closed Due To Budget Cuts
  • Trees Cut Down For Power Lines

July 20, 2010:Yet another day of random collection of local news… motor accident, Lindsay Lohan, possible tornado in MA and feel-good economic comebacks.

  • Learning How To Golf Even If You Can’t See
  • Lightning Victim Talks About His Experience
  • Westminster Motors Will Once Again Sell Dodge Cars
  • Lindsay Lohan Goes To Jail For 90 Days
  • Raw Video: Aftermath Of Truck Crash In Woburn
  • Gardening With Gutner: Trains In The Garden
  • Actual Tornado In South Ashburnham?

July 15, 2010: What a bizarre day… Natural disasters, arson, accidents, and ducks & gorillas. What?

  • Swimmers Beware: Rip Current
  • Cape Wind More Expensive Than Anticipated
  • Franklin Police Looking For Arsonists
  • Gassing Geese In NH To Control Population
  • Oil Leak In The Gulf Finally Stopped
  • Somerville Flooding: Not A Human Error
  • Air Contamination After Pipe Burst Under Control
  • Raw Video: Baby Ducklings, Gorilla Godparents?

July 13, 2010: What a day… Declaring curiosity regarding a construction worker who seems to simply chill by the aquaduct all day, still following the aftermath of the weekend downpour, a rather hilarious car accident, sharks and many wanted ads for thieves.

  • Curious Of Worker Sitting Under Umbrella On Pike
  • Somerville Chocolate Factory Destroyed By Rain
  • Fletcher Granite Workers March For Jobs
  • Car Stuck Between Duck Boat And Box Truck
  • Despite Shark Warning, Beaches Still Crowded
  • Holy Relic Stolen From Catholic Church

July 8, 2010: RIP John Henning

  • Several Towns Enforce Water Restrictions
  • Henning Was A ‘Great Street Reporter’
  • Man Accused Of Murdering Ex-Girlfriend
  • WBZ’s John Henning Was Never A Bully
  • Outdoor Water Ban For Safety Purposes
  • Boston’s Oldest Grocery Store Caught On Fire

July 6, 2010: The extreme heat wave basically dominated the headlines all over New England.

  • Gardening With Gutner: Green Lawn In The Heat
  • Trees Removed Due To Beetle Invasion
  • 9 Firefighters Suffer From Heat Exhaustion
  • Web Extra: Ice Cream Outing For Man’s Best Friends
  • Raw Video: Brush Fire In Holden
  • Public Pools Popularity Skyrockets

July 1, 2010: I know the Russian spy stories are filling up the headline spots, but bigger news today was eight new baby penguins born at the aquarium! (Check out my story – NE Aquarium Welcomes 8 New Penguin Chicks)

  • Boston Pops Celebrating 125th Anniversary
  • New Treatment For Skin Cancer
  • Alleged Spy Couple Appear At Court

June 29, 2010: (Pope) Alejandroooo Alejandroooo

  • Raw: Mass Pike Chase Suspect: “I Am Pope Alexander”

June 24, 2010: Apparently people waited 24 hours outside the Apple store to buy the new iPhone… What?

  • Sleepless Night For The iPhone 4
  • Police Looking For A Credit Card Thief
  • Boy Attacked By Dog In Fair Condition
  • Go Paperless Or Receive Paper Statements?

June 22, 2010: New bill concerning elderly drivers and drivers attached to their smartphones. No more happy meals toys perhaps…

  • Gardening With Gutner: How To Install Fish Ponds
  • Study: Elderly Drivers Defy Stereotypes
  • Texting While Driving Banned Under New Bill
  • Winchester Murder Victims’ Family Speaks Out
  • Community Calls For Cease Fire On Streets Of Boston
  • Consumer Group Plans To Sue McDonald’s

June 17, 2010: Rollercoaster of emotions – from sadness and grief for a murdered family to a comical painting thief to a relief knowing your text message sent by mistake can be retrieved and destroyed.

  • Father Wanted For Killing His Family
  • Father Arrested For Murdering His Family
  • Who Worked On Bunker Hill Day?
  • Paintings Stolen From Lexington Church
  • Mother Unhappy With Restrictions On Long Beach
  • Erase Unwated Texts Even After You Send

June 15, 2010: Scandals everywhere. But most importantly, apparently Paul Pierce had his own fat-kid days.

  • Town Administrator Hid Camera In Women’s Bathroom
  • Transit Manager Allegedly Stole Bus Fares
  • Family Happy To Have Marine Son Back As A Free Man
  • Pierce Was A “Chubby Little 7th Grader”

June 10, 2010: Women walking alone especially late at night, be careful!

  • Looking For Connections In Attacks On Woman
  • Caregiver Accused Of Leaving Clients Locked In Van
  • High Hopes For The Celtics
  • Family-Run Deli In Natick To Close On Father’s Day
  • Beverly To Require Students To Use Same MacBook

June 8, 2010: “Oh, I didn’t see kids drinking” But then how did the cops find beer cans in rooms INSIDE the house???

  • Church Members Accused Of Stealing Donations
  • Undercover Sting To Raise Awareness
  • Doctors Charged In Underage Drinking Party
  • Mustard Gas Makes Fisherman Sick

June 3, 2010: 2,000 lbs. of marijuana? Are you kidding me?

  • Vote On BFD Union Contract Postponed
  • Wilkerson Pleads Guilty, Faces Possible Jail Time
  • 2,000 Pounds Of Pot Found In Dorchester Apartment
  • Summer Travels On A Budget
  • Boston Realtor Accused Of Stealing Money

June 1, 2010: Problems with gun violence in Boston lead to a teen’s death. As summer approaches, don’t panic, the Deka Laser will beautify your legs.

  • No Bail For 2 Charged In Teen’s Murder
  • New Solution For Spider Veins: The Deka Laser
  • Reports: Driver Runs Down Couple On Lynn Street
  • Lightening Strike Starts Fire In Wrentham
  • The Gores Separate After 40 Years Of Marriage
  • Oil Spill Unlikely To Impact Hurricane Season
  • Lightening Strikes House In Gloucester
  • Parents Speak About Their Son’s Murder

May 27, 2010: “Smoke” the oldest harbor seal at the New England Aquarium celebrated her 39th birthday while a senior prank in Orange damaged school buses and buildings.

  • Extra: Seal Rings In Birthday With Candles, Fish
  • Veteran Pilot Killed In Boxboro Helicopter Crash
  • Extremely Active Hurricane Season Expected
  • Seventeen Graduate From New Nazareth Academy
  • School Buses And Building Vandalized In Orange
  • Presidential Landing Damages Marlboro Airport

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